Winter CaR3

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Winter CaR3

The UK experiences much colder weather in the winter months. Tenancy agreements often include tenants’ obligations to minimise the risks that the colder weather brings to the property. The summary one pager gives a few easy hints and tips on how to do that.

R3ferencing explained

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Tenancy r3ferencing explained

Referencing is often a frustrating step in finalising a tenancy agreement in the context of corporate relocations. And yet it is an essential step in the process. Knowing what to expect when undertaking referencing, and preparing for it, can the ease the transition from the offer stage to finalising and securing your home. This factsheet summarises the key steps required to ensure referencing is passed with the minimum of administrative pain.

3…2…1… Lift-off!

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R3 launches new website

In order to keep up with technological developments as well as demands from customers and clients alike, we have made some changes to our website. In particular, as the only Destination Service Provider in London to share relevant market research, we have included functionality as part of our online platform to search and access market research and newsletters much more efficiently. We hope you enjoy using and accessing our brand new website!